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GREEN ICON by Getha, is our latest innovative sleep system developed with both aesthetic and sleep-health functions. This original boutique creation by Getha’s masterful design team is unrivaled in both elegance and comfort. Each mattress is individually hand-made by our highly-trained mattress artisans, and the all-new border design, with Getha’s signature craftsmanship, elevates the position of the mattress into your bedroom’s centerpiece.

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GREEN ICON’s dual-concept-in-one solution offers unparalleled deep-sleep with its Firm Feel or Comfort Feel surface selections: Simply turn the mattress to the side of your choice, and both surfaces can cater to your needs as your body changes. This is the beginning of a bedding revolution, extraordinarily manufactured as a world-class product.

  • Dual-sided Anti Static Protection (ASP)
  • Dual-sided Nano Silver Technology
  • German imported wool padding
  • Dual concept option
  • Natural Latex zero carbon emission raw material
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