Started in 1969, Getha is a lifestyle brand, featuring the wonders of 100% natural latex for your first day to everyday.


Inspired by the native word – getah, the brand name was thoughtfully chosen to represent a brand that is inherently from Malaysia, a tropical country renowned for its high quality rubber and natural latex products.



In the 60s, rattan chairs were a staple furniture in the local Malaysian household, almost everyone had one. The company seized the opportunity and got a big break making natural latex cushions of rattan chairs.

As demand and distribution grew, Getha started producing 100% natural latex foam mattress and introduced creatives with the use of Sumo wrestlers to showcase the comfort and support of natural latex.

In the mid-80s, environmental factors forced over 10 of 20 natural latex factories to close one by one, whilst

Getha continues to grow till today.



The brand logo illustrates the concept of living together.

The “leaf” signifies sustainable green living, and

“two” water droplets represents unity and harmony –

“Leaf-Two-Getha” conceptualises Getha’s values,

mission and vision.



We spend a third of our lives sleeping, the quality of your bed dictates the quality of your sleep and, by extension, that of your waking hours. Getha is the top brand in the world dedicated to promote sleep hygiene. The Getha concept is specially designed to encourage the practices and habits that are necessary to have good night time sleep quality and full daytime alertness.

The brand is a choice of royalties, elites and masstige worldwide as the brand continues to grow over the past 50 years. Getha builds a trusting relationship with its consumers through quality products with the best value, personalised shopping experience and customer service. Consumers of Getha are both loyal and confident when recommending the brand to their loved ones.




Original creativity trademarked.


Available in over 25 countries, the brand is a choice to royalties, personalities, elites and mass-prestige individuals globally.


Consistently introducing the newest trends and technology to the industry, the innovative brand focuses on promoting awareness for a better, natural and healthier lifestyle.


With a trusting relationship built through quality products, personalised experiences and customer service, Getha consumers are both loyal and confident when recommending the brand to their loved ones.





Specially developed Anti-Aging Technology equipped with antioxidant properties that enhances the superior elasticity of Getha latex to better conform to the natural curves of your body.


The rubber plant requires at least 6 years to grow, with a minimum of 50 centimeters in circumference and 1 meter in height from the ground to be ready for tapping.


Collected drop by drop, harvesting natural latex takes several years and a complex combination of botany, chemistry, and sophisticated machinery with dexterous skills of rubber tree tappers.

1,000 TREES

It takes 1,000 trees to make a piece of latex mattress and at least 13 trees to make a latex pillow.


Cleanliness is our priority. A typical latex producer washes its latex twice, whereas Getha latex are washed triple the amount – 6 times with clean hot water and it never touches the ground to ensure maximum sanitation.


Getha products are designed with your natural health and well-being as the prime consideration. From baby pillows, to lumbar spinal support cushions and senior bedding, get supportive comfort with Getha from your first night and every night.



Getha is an innovative market leader, consistently

introducing the newest trends and technology to the

industry including the Anti-Static Protection Technology in

2002 and Nano Silver antibacterial technology in 2009

and the anti-electro-magnetic field (EMF) movement with the

removal of all metal based, spring materials to reduce

radioactive wave exposure with Biocare anti-EMF

protection in 2015.



Nano Silver


Anti-EMF Protection



  • World Branding Awards, Brand of The Year 2023 – 2024
  • World Branding Awards, Brand of The Year 2021 – 2022
  • World Branding Awards, Brand of The Year 2020 – 2021
  • World Branding Awards, Brand of The Year 2019 – 2020
  • SOBA 2019 Most Promising Award
  • The Best Marketer Award 2018, presented by YB Puan Teresa Kok, Minister of Primary Commodities
  • World Branding Awards, Brand of The Year 2018 – 2019
  • World Branding Awards, Brand of The Year 2017 – 2018
  • World Branding Awards, Brand of The Year 2016 – 2017
  • World Branding Awards, Brand of The Year 2015 – 2016
  • The Brand Laureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2015/16 – The Brands of The Year in Lifestyle Bedding Solutions
  • Malaysia Commodity Industry Award 2011 – The Best Brand Development
  • Malaysia Furniture Leadership Awards 2010 – Product Excellent Award
  • The Brand Laureate-SMEs Awards 2009 – The Best Brands in category Bedding
  • The Most Outstanding Brand (Rubber Industry Category) 2009 – Malaysia Rubber Board
  • The Brand Laureate Awards 2008 in the Asia Pacific – The SME’s Best Brand – Most Promising Brand
  • The Brand Laureate Awards 2007/08 – The World’s Best Brands in Asia Pacific for Best Brands Consumer Bedding
  • The Brand Laureate Awards 2006/07 – The World’s Best Brands in Asia Pacific for Best Brands Consumer Bedding
  • Product Excellence Award 2006, presented by the Ministry of International Trade and Finance, Malaysia
  • Product Excellence Award 2004, presented by the Ministry of International Trade and Finance, Malaysia
  • Best Brand Award 2004/05, presented by the Best Brands Council
  • Golden Bull Award 2004, The 2nd Malaysia’s 100 Outstanding SMEs


Research & Development


With the ever increasing international exposure of our products, emphasis on continuous

research and development is the key to our growth and success. In addition, our products

are made in conformance to international specifications and had matched and passed

various test standards such as certification from :-


Institute Umweltchemie Bremen GmbH, Germany

ECO Umweltinstitut, Germany

Rubber Research Institute (Malaysian Rubber Board)

FIRA Institute, UK

Intertek Testing Lab, USA

SGS US Testing Company, USA


Aspired to create a better future, Getha is driven to make meaningful impacts and do things differently.






Getha exports to over 25 countries with a unique vertically integrated model from manufacturing of raw material, assembly of finished goods, global distribution, retail, fulfilment and customer service.




Since 1969

28 Countries

No. 1 Brand


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The 5 LINES are a meaningful representation of the natural latex harvest process of tapping rubber trees. It is a true representation of Getha’s identity and DNA, signifying the human 5 Senses - Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch.


Twist Bend Stretch

The Getha DNA latex structure is an original and trademarked art piece. Inspired by the incredible flexibility of yoga, 100% natural latex has the unique ability to Twist, Bend and Stretch, perfectly supporting the curves of our bodies.


Pillow Wall Hanging

The installation showcases Getha’s beautiful 100% natural latex pillows of different shapes and design. With a variety from newborn to seniors, anyone can choose a pillow perfect to their unique liking.


Latex Tree

Trademarked life size rubber trees specially designed by Getha for viewers to experience a rubber plantation and the drop by drop collection of precious 100% natural latex. It takes 1,000 cups of latex to make a piece of latex mattress.


Explorative Sleep Tents

First in Malaysia, Getha’s Explorative Sleep Tents are uniquely designed for users to take a break and experience the wonders of 100% natural latex bedding. As we spend 30% of our lives asleep, our bed makes a difference to the quality of our sleep.


Getha Pad Lock

A unique component like no other, only premium Getha mattresses are paired with The Green Padlock for an exclusive unboxing experience. Every mattress is fresh from the factory to you to safeguard its genuine and brand-new condition.


Latex KLCC

The Getha Latex Twin Towers is another trademarked innovation by Getha, representing Malaysia’s iconic Petronas Twin Towers, the structure is made entirely from supportive 100% natural latex.


Getha Lux Suites

Experience a true cinematic luxury at the Getha Lux Suites at Aurum Theatre - Malaysia’s first ultra-luxe boutique cinema by Malaysia’s largest cinema exhibitor, Golden Screen Cinemas. Sit back, relax and enjoy an extravagant movie-going experience while immersing in the comfort of Getha 100% natural latex.


Pet Bed

The Getha Pet Bed is specially designed for your furry friends to enjoy a comfortable yet supportive bed because everyone you care about deserves quality rest, including your pet.


Latex Cake

Specially created for Getha’s 50th Anniversary party, the 5-tier Getha Latex Cake is beautifully crafted using different models of latex core for each layer. This original creation by Getha exhibits the versatility and creativity of using natural latex to build more than just sleep and comfort products.


Golden Egg Game

A symbol of transformation and breakthrough, The Egg was first introduced in 2004 for the launch of Getha’s Transforme collection, equipped with Anti-Static and Nano Silver Protection to promote cleaner, better and healthier sleep. The new-age sleep technology was a pioneer solution in the bedding industry.


Durian Fine Dining

An unconventional and exclusive degustation experience to indulge special guests with a sumptuous four-course durian tasting menu. Each guest was served personally as the host explained the course through the fine dining experience.


Baby Dino

The iconic Getha Baby Dino is a newborn dinosaur cracked out of its shell with a leaf that represents Getha’s green initiative. The extinct creature is a symbol and reminder to respect the planet and care for future generations.



The 5 LINES are a meaningful representation of the natural latex harvest process of tapping rubber trees. It is a true representation of Getha’s identity and DNA, signifying the human 5 Senses - Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch.