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A key factor to getting a quality sleep is to have a pillow with good support. It is also important to have a pillow that suits your individual needs. Getha cares about your sleep, we have designed pillows that are contoured and supportive - to suit different shapes and sizes, providing the ultimate comfort for a good night rest.

Read ahead to know more about our Top 3 Best Sellers Pillow.

The GETHA 100% Natural Latex Galaxy Pillow is a strategically designed pillow with a medium feel, recommended for back sleeping adults. Featuring a specially moulded pocket design in the middle, it acts as a stabilising position for cradling the head and focused on supporting the neck. The Galaxy Latex Pillow is specially designed to perfectly fit the natural contour of the head, neck and shoulders. It reduces pressure and strains on these areas that may lead to neck pain and waking up to aching back. For a relaxing sleep, the Galaxy Latex Pillow is an excellent choice that provides superior resilience and support. 

Size : L 61cm x W 40cm x H 12/13cm

The GETHA 100% Natural Latex Contour Pillow is a dream pillow for side sleepers who are looking for a thick and medium pillow, especially ideal for larger built individuals. When flipped to the other side, the pillow has a flat surface for a change of sleeping preference. The distinctive curve in the ;middle provides superior support for the head, while the elevations on both ends offer extra neck support.

Size : L63cm x W37cm x H13cm

The GETHA 100% Natural Latex Soft Pillow is a pillow that is thoroughly enjoyed by back sleepers who are looking for extra plush and comfort, suitable for all age group and ideal for average-sized individuals. The pillow has a soft density yet an uncompromising amount of support.

Size : L 62cm x W 40cm x H 14cm