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Getha Baby Latex Mattress with French Sheep Wool
Getha Baby Natural Latex Mattress

Genie Baby Dino Mattress Set

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Genie Baby Dino Mattress Set includes:
1. Baby Latex Mattress with French Wool Padding x 1
2. Baby Dino Cotton Mattress Set x 1
3. FREE Medela Baby Pacifier Soft Silicone

Baby Latex Mattress with French Wool Padding

The GETHA Baby Latex Mattress (with French Wool Padding) makes the perfect first bed for your baby. Providing the ultimate support and comfort with fully 100% natural latex. French Sheep Wool is weaved in to the soft to touch fabric padding, to give the most luxurious comfort to your little ones.

Rest your baby on 100% natural latex benefits for baby’s optimum sleep and health growth. This Baby Mattress adequately supports the body with the perfect flexibility to avoid unwanted dents, keeping your little one comfy throughout those first nights and beyond!

Product Features of Getha Baby Latex Mattress (with French Wool Padding):

100% natural latex French Wool Padding
Supportive comfort for newborn to a junior child (up to 3 years old)
Specialised antioxidant latex designed for added flexibility to support baby well
Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, durable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly
EMF and metal-free
Custom made sizes available for order

Product Benefits:

Providing a comfortable and supportive surface for your baby to rest or nap on
Sheep wool padding helps regulate temperature on the surface, keeping babies cool and comfortable
Water resistant material , makes cleaning a breeze
Latex are naturally anti-bacteria and hypoallergenic

Baby Dino Cotton Mattress Set

Introducing the Genie Baby Dino Crib Cotton Bedsheet – a natural choice for your little one's comfort. Crafted with care from breathable cotton, it's perfect for warm weather and gentle on sensitive skin or allergies. Create a cozy, allergen-free haven that's both soothing and adorable.

Dimension: 60 x 120 x 20cm