Genie Kumo Natural Sanitizer Spray – Plus (180ml)
Genie Kumo Natural Sanitizer Spray – Plus (55ml)

Genie Kumo Natural Sanitizer Spray (180ml)

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Effective natural antibiotic against bacteria, viruses & germs! It helps you and your loved ones always in safe & healthy environment.

Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Viral & Anti-Fungal! Magical All In One Sanitizer!

  • Cute & interesting appearance
  • Natural antibiotic, antiseptic
  • Easy to use
  • Cool hands after spraying, not sticky
  • Prevent food poisoning & diarrhea
  • Made of 73% natural alcohol, above 60% is enough to kill viruses, germs, etc.
  • Food grade, 100% safe, non-toxic & chemical free
  • Japanese standards, excellent quality & value
  • Reduce mold by 98%
  • No strong smell
  • Non-irritation, skin friendly
  • Suit all that do not have chemical reaction with alcohol
  • Toys, desks, dining tables, utensils, pacifiers, phone screens or computers, etc.

Cautions: Don’t spray on wood or coated leather, can spray on cloth and clean them. Store in cool place away from heat/ sunlight, don’t burn it even after use. Inflammable.