Sleep Balm (Lavender & Orange) Getha Malaysia
Sleep Balm (Lavender & Orange)
Sleep Balm for relaxing
Sleep Balm for soothing and sleep-inducing
Getha Online Sleep Balm New Product
Relaxing Sleep Balm (Lavender & Orange)

Sleep Balm (Lavender & Orange)

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Sleep Balm is infused with Lavender and Orange Essential oil, a scent that will calm the nervous system and relax your mind. Recommended to calm and lull your body for a restful sleep. Crisp and fresh citrusy scent with a comforting hint of floral aroma.

  • Relaxing, soothing and sleep-inducing
  • Recommended to calm and lull your body and mind to calming relaxation


  • Steam distilled extraction from plant leaves and fruit
  • Purity Tested
  • Quality Assured

Directions to use

  • Apply sleep balm on to your finger or palm, and gently apply on desired areas of the body

Size : 50ml