5 Advantages of Using A Divan

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Divan beds are a top choice for many people, as they provide both comfort and space-saving capabilities. We are huge fans of divan beds, and we are sure you will be too. Read on to find out 5 advantages of using a divan for your bed.

What is a Divan? 

A divan is a type of bed frame that is designed to provide optimal comfort, support, and convenience. A mattress will be top of a raised platform and is usually covered by a box spring and mattress protector. Divan beds have been around for centuries and have been used to provide comfort and support for many different types of sleepers.

A divan bed consists of two parts: a divan bed base, which is a strong wooden frame structure covered in fabric, and a matching mattress.

The vast majority of divan bases are mounted on castor wheels and often include storage in the form of drawers.

1. Storage

Bed divans can be designed to include drawers for storage as part of the base, which is especially beneficial for those with smaller bedrooms and flats. 

With a couple of drawers that hide neatly on either side of the divan bed base, you can maximise bedroom storage without spending extra on other furniture.  The drawers can be used to store spare bedding, seasonal clothing, and other items, helping to keep the bedroom tidy and free of clutter. A tidy room can lead to a calmer atmosphere, which can help you relax and fall asleep more easily.

2. Customizable

Divan beds offer a great opportunity for personalization, allowing you to create a bed that integrates perfectly into your space.  You can choose from a variety of base fabrics, such as leather, velvet, and a range of colours. Additionally, you can select a headboard that suits your style, from a standard one to a buttoned or lined one. This makes divan beds an ideal choice for those who are looking to redecorate and want a bed that matches their room. 

Additionally, headboards permit design versatility. Choose a basic headboard for a simple appearance. Try a buttoned or lined headboard as a more daring option. A divan bed headboard can be covered to match your taste, just like the base fabric.

The option of being able to customize your divan and headboard makes it excellent for those of you who are looking to redecorate and want a new bed that complements your room.

3. Flexibility

Divan beds are also ideal for guest rooms, motels, or Air B&Bs since they offer a lot of versatility.

You can buy a divan bed in a range of sizes, including single, double, queen, king and event the 6ft super-king. So, whatever size you need you can be sure to find a divan bed that will fit

Divan beds come with zip and link bases, which, among many other advantages, provides an ideal alternative for changing up your sleeping arrangement. King or super-king size zip and link beds can be easily divided into two individual beds.

Another option is to get a divan bed base with a discretely placed, easily accessible guest bed built into it. Perfect for your own kids' sleepovers or for visiting families with kids!

4. Easy to move and Assemble

Anyone who has never assembled anything before will appreciate how straightforward the procedure is, especially those of us who lack the DIY gene. In comparison to other bed frames, divan beds are typically lighter and simpler to move, which facilitates quicker setup.

Nothing is worse than being thrilled to get a new piece of furniture only to discover that it requires many tools to assemble and comes in around 50 different pieces! 

Fortunately this is not the case with a divan bed. It is as easy as clipping the two divan bases together and placing the mattress on top. No tools required and takes just a few minutes.

5. Affordability

A divan bed is not expensive.

Unlike metal and wooden frames, a divan bed base is reasonably priced. All you need is a good mattress on top, and you'll be surprised at how nice your bed looks. Some complain about wooden and metal frames because the slats impact the mattress and leave an imprint on it, making it necessary to purchase a new mattress a year or two later. Because divan bases have a flat surface, they benefit not only your new mattress, increasing the beds life span, and improving your sleep, but they also benefit your wallet.

Final Thoughts

Overall, divan beds provide numerous advantages for keeping your bedroom tidy, stylish, and space-efficient. Visit our website to browse our collection of bed frames and divans for your bedroom.