Our natural latex pillow are made of 100% natural latex and provide great neck support. Getha pillows are anit-dust and mite free, giving you a healthy and long lasting comfort. Our pillow collection include contour, massage, cotton and air pillows, which provides various levels of support. Shop our online pillow collection available across Malaysia.

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3D Natural Latex Pillow & Packaging
Getha Contour Latex Pillow
Getha Air Latex Pillow

Getha Air Latex Pillow

Getha 2 Zone Latex Pillow
Award S Latex Latex Pillow
Getha Genetics Sleeping Latex Pillow
Getha organic cotton latex pillow
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Getha Galaxy Latex Pillow
Soft Natural Latex Pillow

Getha Soft Latex Pillow

Firm Latex Pillow

Getha Firm Latex Pillow

Getha Baby Air Latex Pillow
Getha Nursing Latex Pillow
Getha Best Seller Pillow

Getha Best Seller Latex Pillow

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Togetha Victoria Adams Pillow Getha Online
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