6 Healthy Habits that help reduce risk of Breast Cancer

6 Healthy Habits that help reduce risk of Breast Cancer

Getha proudly supports breast cancer awareness and knowing that breast cancer is the No. 1 Killer of Women, we share 6 Healthy Lifestyle Habits that reduces the risk of breast cancer. These habits also improve your health in general so start practicing them today!


1. Get enough Sleep

The average 7 hours of sleep a day should be the objective of a healthy and balanced life. Studies shows that sleeping less than 6 hours each night raises the risk of breast cancer by 50%. But sleeping too much is not good either, research also show that sleeping more than 9 hours raises other health risk by 60%. The recommended healthy amount of sleep is 7 hours each night. And don’t forget to go to bed early!

2. Don’t Smoke

The impact of smoking and breast cancer studies tend to show mixed result but its best to play safe and avoid smoking. Cancer is simply mutations of our body cells and introducing toxic substance such as cigarette to our body will cause our cells to mutate, leading to cancer. Why take the risk instead of leading a healthier life?

3. Cut back on Booze

Reducing the consumption of alcohol is the golden rule for breast cancer prevention. More than 100 studies have linked drinking with an increased risk of breast cancer. Limit your alcohol intake to one glass a day and prevent the risk of breast cancer development

4. Eat more fish and less meat

Omega 3 fatty acid and nutrients from fish helps to lower breast cancer risk. On the other hand, studies find that the risk of breast cancer rises with the increasing amount of red meat intake. Make the switch and gain from losing weight too!

5. Get enough Fiber

Diet is important and fiber in your diet has shown 5% reduction in breast cancer risk per every 10g of fiber that is added to your diet. Fiber that is especially good for breast health come from fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Grab them now!

6. Exercise regularly

Numerous studies linked exercise with lower risk of breast cancer. A recent analysis found 5% reduction in risk of any cancer per every 2 hours of moderate exercise. Whether you have a very tight and busy schedule, your health should always remain top priority! Make time for your body to regenerate.