Better Sleep: Tips You Must Know

Better Sleep: Tips You Must Know


Quality sleep and peace of mind are definitely important in order for us to live healthier and better! So, Getha is always here to bring global awareness of the importance of sleep, celebrating healthy sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep. Getha aims to help reduce the burden of sleep issues in people by spreading sleep information globally and promotes better prevention and management of sleep disorders. Sleep starts with mattress and pillow, the closest things to you when you sleep. Next, in this hot country, Malaysia that we are living in, the perfect temperature and duvet choice are important too!

Our objectives are always about getting better sleep. For instance, sleep well to live fully awake; When sleep is sound, health and happiness abound and join us to preserve your rhythms to enjoy Life. Then, we also emphasize on Quality Sleep for a Sound Mind & Happy World! Thus, as you can see, mental well being do have a relationship with sleep. Next, other than mattress and pillow, sleep is also about how to relax. So, here’re the quick tips to relax: 5 Senses!

Take Care Of Your 5 Senses With Our:

  • High comfort touch products (Touch)
  • Essential oil or aromatherapy (Smell)
  • Eye mask or dim light (Sight)
  • Bamboo flask for warm drinks (Taste)
  • Earplug or anti-snore ring! (Sound)


The 3 Essential Oils


Getha Essential Oil, the aromatherapy that takes care of your senses for better sleep! Also a good and highly effective stress reliever. So, here introducing the Getha’s Essential Oil Lemongrass, Essential Oil Lavender and Calming Essential Oil! According to study, smelling lavender is also linked with improving pain and inflammation. For instance, people that are encountering menstrual pain. Furthermore, Getha essential oils can fix your sleep problems and are the healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote your healthy body and mind!


Getha Essential Oil is derived from natural plants by crushing and steam distilling parts of the plant. Research has shown that smell affects sleep; adding some essential oils into your sleep routine can improve your sleep quality. They also help you obtain positive emotion and health. So, bring back Getha Essential Oils now into your bedroom environment to help you relax! All Getha Essential Oils are 100% pure, purify tested and quality assured!


Getha Lemongrass Essential Oil, has clean botanical aroma with a fresh citrusy scent, stimulating, cleansing and soothing and can ease anxiety, stress and irritability.


Getha French Lavender Essential Oil, has fine floral aroma with precise earthy undertone, soothing, relaxing and calming and can enhance one’s mood and promote relief.


Getha Calming Essential Oil, perfect for people who love woody with floral scent, just like being surrounded by the scent of nature. This calming essential oil is a blended essential oil, consists of pure oil of sandalwood, geranium and French lavender, has deep, balancing mix of woody and floral scent, cleansing, warming and calming. Love mother nature? You will love the Getha Calming Essential Oil.


Sleep should be done properly and we should never neglect it. As mention in the above, sleep does affect one’s life, health and happiness. Thus, Getha really wants to spread information and awareness to people of all around the world about the importance of sleep. On the other hand, there are mild and severe sleep disorders and they are actually a modern issue. The common type of sleep problem is insomnia (difficulty to fall or stay asleep). Next, snoring and sleep apnea (the breathing that repeatedly stops and starts) are also the sleep problems that one might have. If one snores loudly, it will lead to sleep apnea.


So, quickly join us to contribute efforts to achieve heathy sleep and then enjoy better life with your loved ones. Here are what more you can do.   


Healthy Sleep Tips


Take a power nap or sleep, it can be really easy. However, bear in mind that they need to be done in a comfortable environment. After that, don’t forget to have a day off, rest properly and sleep as long as you want. If not, you can also just take a good nap for a recharge.


Use a massage chair, definitely a great choice for a quick and good nap too! It also leads you to sleep better at night. In short, you can massage to get into deep sleep, relax and sleep better! Moreover, Getha now has Massage Chair Promotion. There will be a purchase with purchase, for any Getha invoice with RM 20,000 and above can get 1 Star Luxury Massage Chair with only RM 3888.   


Practice hygiene sleep environment, it gives health benefits and relaxation. Hygiene sleep environment also enables the brain and body to quiet themselves and prepare into a good night’s sleep. Moreover, the hygiene sleep habits and routines include:

  • Fix bedtime and waketime
  • Exercise in the day
  • No excessive alcohol and caffeine include coffee and tea
  • Avoid heavy, spicy or sugary foods particularly before bed
  • Comfortable sleep temperature
  • Prepare a 30 minutes bedtime routine
  • Disconnect from electrical devices
  • Practice meditation (relax and be calm)


Then, as it has mentioned in the above, all the sleep routines are about looking after your 5 senses.   


Get a good mattress, pillows or sleep accessories, you may face sleep disorders due to simply the lack of comfort and poor support structure in your sleep. Hence, get our mattress, pillows or sleep accessories for more relaxation as well as a quality sleep.


Lastly, talk to sleep consultant, they can surely solve your sleep issues regardless of what they are. No doubt that they are professional in this field and they have much knowledges as well as experiences regarding it. Getha is your best sleep specialist and consultant!


For more information, contact our Getha team today! It’s time to obtain better sleep for more happiness and healthy future! Do not forget to sleep well and preserve your rhythms to enjoy life.



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