Difference Between Baby Cot And Crib

What are the differences between baby cot and crib? Ensure that you decide on the right sleeping arrangement for your baby; here you will be able to find out their differences and to choose which one suits your needs the best!


Ever wonder what are the differences between baby cot and a crib as which one is better? Your precious little ones could be sleeping and resting up to 18 hours a day, so making the right sleeping arrangement for them is really significant. After that, baby cot and crib, both can be varied in price, style and features. So, here you will be able to know their differences and to choose which one suits your needs the best!  


A crib and the baby cot both refer to a small bed that is specifically made for infants and young children. They have high barred sides around them as the safety measures that ensure your child will not climb outside without parents’ supervision. However, the key difference between a baby crib and cot is derived from their features as well as usage. Although they are quite similar with each other, one of the critical differences that sets them apart is longevity! Some baby cot and crib can be used from birth to about four years, while some cot can even turn into little sofa and last even longer!   


Continue reading to find the best baby cot furniture selection to provide your child the best start in life.


The baby cot may have removable sides and can convert into other furniture! Baby cot is smaller than a single bed, requires a mattress and bedding designed specifically for it. On the other hand, it is more stable and larger in size than a crib.  


Both crib and cot are the safe options for keeping older babies in their bed. When choosing a baby cot and crib, choosing a reputable brands needs to be highly considered to ensure the products are really safe for the child.  


There Are 4 Types Of Crib


Traditional crib, a traditional or standard crib is rectangular. These cribs do not come with extra features as they could not be converted into other furniture. They are decreased in longevity, not as long-lasting as a baby cot. Moreover, avoid giving your baby stuffed toys as well as pillows as there is a risk of suffocation, especially to babies younger than five months who cannot yet roll or push things away. Aside from that, the best baby cots are made of natural material like wood; furniture made of trees is more resistant to wear and tear. Ideally, the baby cot can also be used again for another new baby.


Mini crib, a mini crib is also rectangular but takes up smaller space and smaller in size. It could not be used from birth to longer years. The traditional or standard crib uses a standard crib mattress about 28 inches (71cm) wide and 52 inches (132cm) long whereas the mini crib uses the mattress about 24 inches (61cm) wide and 38 inches (97cm) long. Firm mattresses are useful as they reduce the danger of suffocation. The baby mattress should lie flush against the edges of the baby cot so that your precious little one does not get trapped in a gap. No large spaces between the crib’s slats are also indeed needed in order to prevent babies from slipping through.


Round crib, a round crib is the least common type of crib available. In addition, its unique design makes it a very expensive option.


Convertible crib, also similar as the baby cot. A convertible crib is also rectangular and as mentioned in the above, convertible crib and baby cot can eventually be converted into other furniture like a junior bed or daybed when your child outgrows the traditional crib. Despite the fact that the cost of a convertible crib is a little more pricey than the traditional crib, the investment is more beneficial in the long run!


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