Home Ideas To Pamper Your Partner This Valentine’s Day 2021

Home ideas to pamper your partner this valentines
February’s most romantic day is among the most celebrated events each year, and millions of couples worldwide spend the day either fun-filled with passion and romance, or it could be a disastrous and disappointing day.
Planning a memorable day with heart shaped chocolates, roses and expensive dinners can be stressful during a pandemic. Here are some ideas on how to spend a lovely day at home with your Valentine.

1. Start From Morning

Breakfast in Bed this Valentines










Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to begin after Chinese New Year festivities, or when the kids are tucked in bed. Start the day with some sweet words of affection or go all out and surprise your partner with a scrumptious breakfast in bed!

2. Transform Your Sleep Sanctuary

transform your bedroom this valentines










Sometimes we forget that the bedroom can be an important space for an escape. Give your sleep sanctuary some tender loving care and upgrade your 5 senses experience!
Touch – Good bedding has a huge impact on our touch sensory. A clean and comfortable set of bedding will make all the difference when you’re cuddling in bed. The silky soft Tencel Nano Silver bedding set is a great choice for the occasion.
Taste – Got that breakfast ready? Enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed with your loved one, even if it’s a simple egg and toast.
Sight – If you have dimmable lighting, great! If not, consider playing around with your curtain or blinds to set the desired mood.
ScentEssential oils are a quick and easy way to enjoy our favourite scent. Your Valentine can enjoy peaceful relaxation with our selection of essential oils.
Sound – Put on Spotify’s romantic hits or curate your own playlist of favourite songs to enjoy together.

3. Dress To Impress

If you’re staying in for Valentine’s Day, why not dress up for the occasion! What about that new suit sitting in your closet, put it on for your sweetheart. Ladies looking for a change can check out YouTube tutorials for new hairdos or make up inspo.

4. Movie Time

Watching Movie at Home this Valentine

Although the cinemas are closed for now, there are tons of creative ways to set up your own home theatre. Bring out the dusty DVD player and put on a classic favourite film or log onto Netflix for a variety of great picks.

5. Valentine’s Gift

Flowers and chocolates are a classic but they can only be used once. What about a gift that keeps giving night after night? A mattress is a great gift to show you truly care about their wellbeing, health and happiness. You can even jazz it up with new pillows and bedding and really make it luxurious! And the best part is, it benefits you too!

Getha Valentine Gift

What better way to end your perfect Valentine’s date than on your new mattress. You and your loved one will enjoy the comfortable support of 100% natural latex while you sleep through the night and wake up refreshed every morning, and with a bonus that they’ll even think of you every time they go to bed and when they wake up in the morning!

Find the perfect mattress and pillow for you and your Valentine, shop online or instore and get a free sleep consultation customised to your needs.

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