3D Natural Latex Pillow & Packaging
Getha Latex Pillow 3 Heights for Neck Support
3D Pillow with Center Pocket to Protect Your Neck
3D Sleeping Pillow with 100% Natural Latex
3D Latex Pillow with Toxic Free Materials
Getha 3D Breathable Pillow for Cooling Sleep
Getha 3D Breathable Neck Pillow for Cooling Sleep
Getha 3D Pillow for Neck Support Breathable Toxic Free 100% Natural Latex
Multi-functional Getha 3D Auto Latex Pillow
Medium Firm Density Getha 3D Auto Latex Pillow
3D Auto Latex Pillow with head pocket
3D Auto Latex Pillow sizes dimensions
3D Auto Latex Pillow teddy fabric comfort
3D Auto Latex Pillow with breathable head pocket

Getha 3D Auto Latex Pillow

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The GETHA 100% Natural Latex 3D Auto Pillow is a multi-functional pillow with soft density, recommended for side and back sleepers with different sleeping preferences. With 2 different heights on each end, the higher loft is perfect for side sleepers for extra neck support while the lower loft is enjoyed for back sleepers. This offers great adjustability to different sleeping preferences, making it a perfect pillow to be placed in guest rooms or as a gift to loved ones! The additional centre head pocket design further enhances support for back sleepers to correctly align the head, neck and spine during sleep. With the unique combination of design, it provides a contoured fit to the natural curves of the neck and shoulder for both types of sleepers. This versatile and smartly designed pillow ensures a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience for all. 

Approximate Size :  L 59cm x W 36cm x H 10cm 

Thickness : 10cm 



For a similar design and softer pillow, you may consider 2 Zone Latex Pillow.