Cinematic Joy: 'Ant-Man-Wasp Quantumania' Adventure for Orphanage

Cinematic Joy: 'Ant-Man-Wasp Quantumania' Adventure for Orphanage

Date: 11.03.2023 (2pm)
Location: GSC IOI City Mall
Movie: Ant-Man-Wasp Quantumania

Invited orphanages watching movie at GSC

A heartwarming day of cinematic delight unfolded as children from various orphanages embarked on an enchanting journey to watch "Ant-Man-Wasp Quantumania." With anticipation in the air, each child received popcorn and a refreshing drink, elevating the excitement. The film's magic came alive on the big screen, filling hearts with laughter and awe.

GSC popcorn and drink for children

To enhance the experience, thoughtful Getha's goodies bags were given to each child, adding to their delight. The atmosphere was alive with shared enjoyment, as camaraderie and movie enchantment painted smiles on every face, etching cherished memories of happiness.

Getha goodies bag for children

Four centers participated:

  1. HOUSE OF JOY (CHILDREN HOME) @ PUCHONG: A non-profit charitable home, it provides shelter, care, and training to underprivileged children, alongside offering support to destitute elderly individuals.
  2. ANGEL HONNE (RUMAH KANAK-KANAK ANGEL) @ OLD KLANG ROAD: A compassionate haven for orphaned and underprivileged children, it nurtures physical, emotional, educational, and social needs.
  3. PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN DAN SOSIAL KIM LOO TING @ SALAK SELATAN: This charitable organization serves the underprivileged with care and dedication, providing essential support.
  4. KINDLY ORPHAN & HANDICAP WELFARE HOMES (善待障碍与孤儿福利之家) @ MAHKOTA CHERAS: Their mission uplifts society's vulnerable, including children, disabled individuals, and those facing financial hardships.

Group photo with orphanages houseGroup photo with orphanages house

To extend support, you can connect with them through their respective social media pages: