Nurturing Dreams and Igniting Safety: Getha's Transformative Educational Journey with Shan Dai Orphanage

Getha with Shan Dai Orphanage at Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Presint 7

Date: 21.10.2023
Location: Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Presint 7, Putrajaya

On October 21, 2023, Getha welcomed the children from Shan Dai Orphanage to Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Presint 7. The day was more than just about fire safety; it embraced a holistic approach to nurturing young minds and ensuring their overall well-being.

Getha team with Shan Dai Orphanage at Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Presint 7, Putrajaya

The collaborative effort aimed to provide the children with a comprehensive understanding of fire safety measures. Interactive sessions, conducted by professionals from Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia Putrajaya, not only equipped the youngsters with life-saving skills but also sparked curiosity for learning.

Educate children with fire safety and life-saving skills

Beyond fire safety, the program delved into various aspects of personal and community safety, creating a well-rounded educational experience for the children.

Getha's CSR program created warmth of an unforgettable experience

As the children of Shan Dai Orphanage depart from Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Presint 7, they carry not only newfound knowledge in fire safety but also the warmth of an unforgettable experience. Getha remains dedicated to creating lasting impacts through such initiatives, underlining the belief that corporate responsibility is a powerful tool for positive change.

The core ethos of Getha's CSR initiative lies in fostering an environment where every child's dreams can thrive, empowering young lives by combining education with safety. Together with Shan Dai Orphanage, they aim to provide a foundation for a future where aspirations can soar freely. This CSR program is not just a one-time event but a stepping stone towards building a future where education, safety, and dreams intertwine for the betterment of our communities.

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