Getha’s Mattress Contribution to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM)

Getha's contribution to National Cancer Society Malaysia

The National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) is the nation’s first non-profit cancer organisation that provides education, care and support services for people affected by cancer and the general public. Since 1966, NCSM has been helping cancer patients, caregivers and the public through holistic cancer-related services, while being financed entirely by the public’s donations, charity contributions in addition to organising corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities with various companies.

Getha Mattress Delivery to Home of Hope
Because of this, highly subsidised cancer and health screenings are made possible and accessible to the public. Among the programmes and services offered are advanced breast cancer support, wellness classes, wigs and prosthesis, psycho-social support for children with cancer, peer support groups, Direct Donor Debit Programme (DDDP), telefundraising and influencer fundraising.

Getha Mattress and Pillow at the Home o Hope
As a homegrown bedding brand committed to giving back to the community, Getha took part in NCSM’s “Children’s Home of Hope” initiative by donating 8 latex mattresses and 16 pillows on 26 February 2021 for patients and caretakers to get the quality rest they need. To have a loved one diagnosed with a critical illness can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging and exhausting for family members and caretakers to attend to the patient’s needs around the clock.

NCSM Marketing Director explaining the facilities
Located in Kampung Baru, NCSM Marketing Director Yeap Chong Wei (pic) brought us to visit the establishment, while taking us around and explaining to us about NCSM. Founded by Malaysia’s first oncologist Dato’ Dr S.K. Dharmalingam in 1966, he established NCSM with the mission "To ensure that no Malaysian fears cancer by creating an understanding of cancer that leads to prevention and early detection, and by providing the best possible care and support for those affected by cancer.”

Seetha - the sick children counselor
Caption: Ms Seetha, the children’s counsellor, works with child cancer patients by encouraging them to express themselves through play. Each toy displayed on the rack represents a different meaning for Seetha to understand a child’s mind and emotions.

In collaboration with the National Heart Institute (IJN), the “Children’s Home of Hope” has a shared accommodation on the 4th floor of the IJN dormitory, which serves as a halfway home (free-of-charge) for cancer patients and their caregivers coming from outside of Kuala Lumpur to stay and rest while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Apart from providing free accommodation, the programme also offers other services such as housekeeping, shuttle service, in-house dietary and nutritional consultation as well as mental health therapeutic plays for child cancer patients.

NCSM and Getha photo together after the charity donation
NCSM is dependent on the generous charitable contributions and donations from members of the public and moreover through collaborated corporate social responsibility activities with companies from different industries. Interested to contribute and support the establishment? Visit NCSM’s website at or give them a call at 1-800-88-1000.