6 Excellent Benefits of a Natural Latex Mattress

6 benefits of natural latex mattress

Natural latex is different from other latex types and is a highly sought-after mattress material that offers quality, restful sleep each night. You may be wondering, “How is that possible?” Read on to not only learn how to differentiate the various types of latex but also the impressive construction features found in 100% natural latex mattresses.


benefits of natural latex mattress

What Is Latex?

Basically, latex is made of about 55% water and around 40% rubber material[1], which is extracted from the bark of a mature rubber tree. Therefore, latex is a natural material that possesses incredible strength and has the same man-made feel in everyday products like rubber gloves.

Likewise, natural rubber latex is commonly used to make mattresses after undergoing a process that turns latex into regular rubber.


Types of Latex

Synthetic Latex

Synthetic latex imitates the properties of natural latex. Instead of being harvested from rubber trees, this man-made latex is produced from petrochemicals such as styrene and butadiene. Despite its close similarities with natural latex foam, synthetic latex foam is usually less springy, tears more easily and has a stronger odour.

Blended Latex

This latex contains a combination of natural and synthetic materials. It has fewer chemicals compared with its synthetic counterpart and comes in a variety of firmness options. The price of blended latex foam is based on the ratios: the more natural latex is used in a mattress, the higher the mattress price will be. Blended mattresses also typically last longer than synthetic latex ones.

100% Natural Latex

Mattresses that are made of 100% natural latex foam is more supportive, durable, eco-friendly and overall better for sleep health than synthetic and blended latex foams. After the sap is harvested, it is processed into Dunlop or Talalay foam. Both Dunlop and Talalay are manufacturing processes that produce soft, supportive and extremely durable mattress foams.

types of latex in mattress

Benefits of Sleeping on a Natural Latex Mattress

1. The Most Comfortable & Natural Sleeping Material

When you sleep on a natural latex mattress, the latex will conform to the general impressions that your body makes. This means it relieves pressure points and reduces lower back pain[2].

Since latex is a durable material, it can also support heavy-weight sleepers by providing gentle cushioning without excess sinkage. Such individuals can benefit from pressure relief without sacrificing support when sleeping.

What’s interesting about natural latex mattresses is that you'll experience a soft-sinking feeling at first, followed immediately by a bouncy, supportive sensation. It’s a harmonious balance of springiness that makes these mattresses incredibly comfortable.

2. Hypoallergenic — Even for the Most Sensitive Skin!

Non-latex beds, if not continually cleaned, will lead to a host of bacteria, fungi and viruses breeding on the top of the mattress. As a result, mould, mildew and dust mites will appear. It makes your sleeping environment unsafe and promotes allergies.

However, this is not the same with latex, where it’s naturally antimicrobial to repel harmful microorganisms. A latex mattress can let you sleep well throughout the night without the worry of dust mite allergies.

3. Cooling Sleep All Night

Surprised? Natural latex foam has an open-cell structure to allow continuous airflow. The foam layers are also constructed with pinholes to promote breathability. Mattresses with a higher percentage of synthetic fibres, on the other hand, will feel hotter to sleep than those with natural fibres. Thus, natural latex mattresses are much cooler to sleep on compared with synthetic latex and memory foam mattresses.

Our bodies also radiate heat while sleeping, which means you may need a mattress topper to provide a sufficient barrier between your body and the mattress below.

4. Durable, to Get the Most Out of Your Money

Latex is undeniably a strong material that can last for many years. This is good news for those who want to save money on mattress replacements. In fact, natural latex mattresses can last between 10 and 20 years[3].

Like any type of mattress, latex mattresses are not immune to sagging, especially if the mattress is too soft to support the weight of the sleeper. Nevertheless, natural latex is considered to be the most durable mattress foam among other materials like memory foam.

5. Reduces Motion Transfer for a Better Night’s Sleep

Depending on the thickness and density of the latex, you should expect good motion isolation from the mattress. Getha’s 100% latex mattresses can handle motion transfer pretty well due to the dense mattress core, which helps to conform to the body shape while absorbing the weight of you and your partner.

6. Eco-Friendly, to Cut Down on Landfill

The disposal of mattresses each day can have a significant negative impact on our environment. Most mattress materials are non-biodegradable and often contain multiple chemicals that leach into the earth for decades. Thankfully, sustainable bedding is picking up momentum in the market and since natural latex is biodegradable, you can be sure it won’t sit in a landfill for years.

Getha Malaysia 100% Natural Latex Mattress
Started in 1969, Getha had its first big break by making natural latex cushions for rattan chairs, the staple furniture of every Malaysian household in the 60s. When environmental factors were taken more seriously in the mid-80s, over 10 out of 20 natural latex factories were closed, but Getha thrived and continues to grow to this day.

With numerous international awards and certifications issued by global research and development bodies, Getha has become Malaysia’s leading latex bedding solution provider that uses local and high-quality rubber with the latest technologies to produce comfortable, supportive and safe bedding products for the whole family.

Certified by eco-INSTITUT, Getha is also a certified manufacturer of natural latex in Malaysia to fulfil the strictest requirements on hazardous emissions and pollutants. In other words, Getha specialises in only 100% natural latex!

With all the major benefits mentioned above, it’s only natural to support a world-renowned local bedding brand like Getha who has your best sleep interests at heart. Speak to our consultants today to find out which latex mattress best suits you and your loved ones’ sleeping needs.

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