Baby Mattress And Benefits

Baby Mattress And Benefits


Do you know why are baby mattresses significant and what are the benefits they do actually have? Here, you will know why you definitely need a good mattress for you baby and also what things to be considered before you get one for your little one!


Parents will strive to give the best for their children and babies’ sleep shall also be considered carefully. Baby spends up to 17 hours sleeping in a day and according to America Sleep Association, most babies’ growth and physical development take place during sleep.      


Next, one of the benefits of baby mattress is due to its safety benefits. After that, as mentioned in the above, here we can also look more at what are the important features to be considered when purchasing a baby mattress!


Why Is Baby Mattress Necessary


Aid optimum sleep, for both parent and child. Although for the first six months, it is suggested that parents shall share rooms with their babies. Then, it has become a common practice for parents to also share their beds. For that reason, this is actually highly discouraged as parents tend to lose more sleep than they already do. On the other hand, babies are also prone to wake up even from the slightest movement.


Hygiene concerns. As children tend to wet and soil beds during their sleep, it is essential that their mattresses are cleaned frequently. So, baby mattress is needed as adult mattresses rarely come with easy cleaning options, causing staining of mattress. Furthermore, it is worthy to invest in a smaller as well as easily cleanable mattress for the convenience and durability of your current mattress. In addition to staining, regular adult mattresses also tend to hold in odor due to the bulkiness, the smaller mattress is more suitable to help avoid odor-related issues.


Baby’s spine health. Babies have a more fragile spine and are concurrently growing at a rapid rate. As a consequence, make sure that your little ones are on mattresses that are justifiable for their spine and also sleep comfort. Investing in a baby mattress would also mean that you are investing in your child’s spine wellness. 


In addition, here are four types of baby mattress available in the market.


The 3 Baby Mattresses


Latex mattresses. Natural latex mattress is the best, we personally do really vouch for latex mattress as we believe it holds all that a baby mattress needs to have. Latex mattress is well-known for their anti-allergic properties that could save your child from many health problems. Moreover, latex mattresses do tend to contour therefore, investing in a good, pure natural and high-quality ones can also reduce suffocation risks. These mattresses also tend to be firmer and have proper as well as enough support, definitely optimum for baby’s spine!         


Latex mattresses are also perfect for babies that grow up in the hot yet humid Southeast Asia. For instance, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.! This is to be said as latex mattresses are highly breathable as well as able to provide good ventilation during sleep.


Foam mattresses. The cheaper option of baby mattress here. Foam mattresses often come with a PVC cover, meaning that they contain dangerous and harmful chemical additives. Foam mattresses can be toxic to your children’s health. They can even evaporate into the air over time, posing unnecessary dangers to children.


Coil spring mattresses. Another cheap alternative. Cotton covers that come with them can keep your child cool during warm weather. However, these forms of mattresses tend to stain easily and are harder to clean. The support they provide is also questionable.


In conclusion, research is absolutely necessary before getting a baby mattress to reduce risks for your baby. Follow Getha Singapore News in this website to obtain much information that are all freely available here. Getha Singapore also makes it priority to share useful as well as interesting knowledge to the public.


Lastly, Getha Singapore can also aid you in getting the best baby mattress! Basically, a happy baby is also significant for a happy family.   



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