Sleep Position Can Affect Your Wellbeing

Sleep Position Can Affect Your Wellbeing

Ever wonder sleep positions are important? It leads to good night’s sleep and of course, a better health! So, what’s the best sleep position in order to achieve them?


Various Positions For Sleeping


Before that, here are the various sleep positions we have. Sleeping on your back, side, stomach, etc. Different situations also lead to different sleep positions. For instance, if one is pregnant, encounters pain or certain health conditions. However, getting your sleep position right does really changes your life, making it better!


Your sleep positions play a major role in your sleep quality, affecting your daily life! Here you will know what sleep position is best for you and how to achieve the best sleep posture. So, know your situations well and start to get some life changes!


Fetal Position Good For Low Back Pain, Pregnancy & Snoring


Fetal position, a sleep position which one sleeps on a side with bent legs curled in toward the body, like how a fetus normally sleeps in the mother’s womb! It’s the most popular sleep position among the rest, it’s also a good one! Fetal position is good for lower back pain, pregnancy as well as reduce snoring. Still, make sure that you sleep in a correct posture as it is loose and comfy enough if not, it will affect your breathing. Sleeping in a wrong fetal position will also give you soreness in the next day if you are encountering joint pain or stiffness. It also causes stiffness in the shoulders and jaw tightness on that side. Then, sleeping with a pillow between your knees or lower legs can solve them! Therefore, here comes the bolster!


Getha Latex Bolster Gives Best Sleep Posture, Supports The Body & Reduces Pressure On It


Getha Latex Bolster fully supports and comforts your body. It improves your sleep posture, providing you better sleep and health. Getha Latex Bolster is made of 100% Natural Latex, making sure to support your body and prevent pressure on it, thus preventing soreness in the next day. Getha Latex Bolster solves your muscle and joint pain, and says no to soreness and stiffness!        


Side Sleeping & Fetal Position Good For Digestion & Heartburn


After that is side sleeping, a similar sleep position with fetal position, just without the legs pulled in toward the body. Like the fetal position and other than the benefits of it that has been stated in the above, side sleeping and fetal position are also great for digestion and reduce heartburn, a burning pain in the chest. Moreover, according to research, sleeping on the left is more beneficial compared to the right!


The Worst Sleep Position


Stomach sleeping, it will be in the bottom of the list as it can only help prevent snoring and sleep apnea, the breathing that repeatedly stops and starts. If one snores loudly, it will lead to sleep apnea. Sleeping on stomach can cause both neck and back pain, also causing a lot of unnecessary strain to the muscles and joints.


Back Sleeping Great For Joints, Hip & Knee Pain


Back sleeping, the best sleep position. This sleep position gives the most health benefits. It takes care of your spine, helps relieve hip and knee pain. Sleeping on the back helps align one’s spine as gravity can be used to help keep the body in an even alignment. This gives correct posture and prevents unnecessary pressure on the back or joints. A pillow placed behind your knees gives better support to the natural curve of your back!


Getha Latex Bolster Helps Your Back, Spine, Tense Muscles & Body


Getha Latex Bolster can provide ultimate support to your body and back, also aligning your spine. Getha Latex Bolster gives you healthy spinal alignment and the best body posture. It is 100% High-quality, very durable and can maintain its shape for a very long time. Getha Latex Bolster relaxes your tense muscle, back, neck, shoulder, leg, etc. Then, you can elevate the leg with it and improves your blood flow. It gives you the luxurious & best sleep experience.


Back Sleeping Also Great For Skin 


On the other hand, back sleeping also helps to prevent and protect the skin from wrinkles. However, this sleep position is bad for one that snores, encountering sleep apnea and back pain. Then, sleeping with pillow behind your knees again is really beneficial for your back and to reduce back pain and pressure on your spine.   


Why Choose Getha Latex Bolster: Made Of 100% Natural Latex & Highly Breathable   


So, we really recommend the Getha Latex Bolster. A non-toxic bolster with great ventilation, anti-allergy and dust mite resistant. Lastly, Getha Latex Bolster can also be used for multi purposes relaxation on bed or sofa!


Interested in bringing home the Getha Latex Bolster? You can buy now in our online store or speak to our consultant for more information. It is time to get the best sleep posture and high-quality sleep!



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