Choosing a Good Bed for Seniors and Elderly Parents

choose adjustable bed for elderly parents

Getting a mattress for the ageing body requires just as much attention as when buying a baby mattress. As our parents age (and so do we), physical needs will change including sleep cycles and increasing health problems. With the addition of sleeping on an ill-fitted mattress, this makes it more difficult to get 7 or 8 hours of quality sleep, which is recommended for older adults aged 65 years or more[1]. Some of the challenges the elderly face when it comes to beds are poor mobility and lack of support to get in and out of the bed smoothly. They also commonly experience body aches and breathlessness as a result of lying on a straight bed.

Learn about adjustable beds and the helpful features and design your ageing parents can greatly benefit from.

What Is an Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable beds are designed to help with mobility and alleviate discomfort, particularly for seniors. What make adjustable beds different from standard ones are the bed base and bed frame. The adjustable bed base and the joints on the bed frame allow you to adjust to the desired position. Common adjustments include inclining and reclining the upper and lower body respectively, which help your parents to get into the ideal spot for unwinding and sleeping comfortably.

senior sleep on electric adjustable bed

Benefits of Using an Adjustable Bed

Practical and Comfort

Whether it is remote-controlled or manually adjustable, beds that recline and incline offer the flexible practicality to be able to operate in sections so you can raise and lower different parts of the bed. This type of bed provides even more convenience by using the bed’s remote control to adjust it without having to bend their backs over it.

For example, if your elderly parent wants to sit up in bed while drinking a cup of tea, they can raise their head to 45 degrees thanks to the adjustable features of the bed.


When we become older, we lose our muscle strength which creates a struggle to get in and out of bed. If your elderly parent has an adjustable bed, they can lower or raise the bed to the height they need. This will undoubtedly prevent falls and injuries. Falls are a common problem among older adults and often lead to major morbidity and increased mortality[2].

Improves Sleep Quality

Since the bed is adjustable, the Zero Gravity position can be achieved. The main function of adjustable beds is to take the excessive pressure off our joints and muscles to avoid waking up with body aches the next morning. By using beds that can be adjusted, the sleeper can experience weightlessness and out-of-this-world comfort when sleeping. The spine can be settled in neutral alignment and relaxed, resulting in less spinal disc pressure and improvement in circulation as well as lessening the tension in joints and muscles. The Zero Gravity position can be practised by anyone with this type of bed to reduce pain, promote deep sleep and enhance overall health. When the body is relaxed, it helps your ageing parent ease into a deep slumber.

Helps to Reduce Acid Reflux

Sleeping on an adjustable bed can reduce the chances of experiencing acid reflux by preventing the stomach acid from flowing back up the oesophagus. In fact, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) patients usually opt for adjustable bed frames to switch between prone and upright positions[3]. Proning is when someone turns a patient with safe, precise motions from their back onto their stomach so that the patient is lying face down to improve breathing and body movement. By being able to adjust the bed freely to a position that helps with alleviating GERD-related issues, sleeping comfortably can finally become a reality.

Pain Pressure Relief

It can be a real pain seeing your loved ones dealing with ageing conditions such as arthritis, neck pain and back pain. It makes it difficult for elderly parents to sleep flat as they always have. With an adjustable bed, it distributes the body pressure evenly, promoting blood circulation that can reduce discomfort, lessen stiffness and pain across the body.

Lessens Snoring and Improves Breathing

If your parents are experiencing apnea or orthopnea, that is the shortness of breath at night when lying down, sleeping on an adjustable bed can help to reduce lung pressure. The adjustable bed is designed in such a way that allows the airways to open up for air and saliva to flow more easily, which improves breathing and results in less snoring and deeper sleep.

Better Blood Circulation

Having certain parts of the body raised and lowered helps the heart to be more relaxed. For instance, the elevated legs allow for blood to circulate with less effort and flow more efficiently back to the heart and throughout the body. This sleeping position is often recommended to sleepers who have heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes which are common to the older community.

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