Engineer Your Sleep with Zero Gravity

Engineer Your Sleep with Zero Gravity

Although we could not live on Earth without gravity, gravity can take a toll on our bodies. While it keeps us on the ground, our body works against gravity to help us stand up. Over time, gravity causes strain to our muscles and joints, as static pressure weakens our core stabilizing muscles, decrease circulation throughout the spine, and increase inter-vertebral compression. This led us to an out of the world sleep solution - Zero Gravity.

The Zero Gravity concept is an outcome of NASA’s development of the MSIS (Man-Systems Integration Standards). Designed specifically to evenly distribute the body pressure of an astronaut to handle the additional pressure when launched into space. Sleeping in the Zero Gravity position can help reduce pressure points that will enhance our sleep quality with medical and lifestyle benefits.

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What is Zero Gravity?

The Zero Gravity concept is a position which involves first lying flat on your back, then raising the head and leg from the knees to your feet above your heart and stomach. As your torso and legs form an approximate 120-degrees angle, your heart and nervous system is most relax in this position.


What happens at Zero Gravity?

When the body is in the Zero Gravity position, the gravitation pressure of the Earth is reduced from the body and our bodies experience a sense of weightlessness which allows the spine to align and relax, resulting in a relief in disk pressure, and improvement in circulation as well as joint and muscle tension. The Zero Gravity position can be practiced by anyone to reduce pain, promote deep sleep and enhance overall health.

Oxford Adjustable Bed Zero Gravity Position

How to achieve Zero Gravity at home?

The original concept by NASA was designed for astronauts to bear the extreme force when the shuttle is launched into space. The special positioning of Zero Gravity can be achieved with an adjustable bed with dual-motor that enables you to customize and raise your upper and lower body to achieve the perfect point for the pressure-free sensation that helps relieve the strain across your entire body and improve circulation.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Beds

Helps with Neck and Back Pain

Whether from an injury or a medical condition such as chronic aches, sciatica or herniated slipped disc, sleepers who suffer from back and neck pain can benefit from sleeping in the Zero Gravity position. In this position, the spine is in a neutral proper alignment which distributes pressure evenly between our vertebrae and spinal muscles. This helps reduce the discomfort and lessens stiffness as the even pressure encourages optimal blood to flow to the brain for added pain relief.

Improves Blood Circulation

The heart is more relaxed in the Zero Gravity position as the elevated legs allows for blood to circulate with less effort and flowing more efficiently back to the heart and throughout the body. This sleeping position is often recommended to sleepers who have heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Reduce Stomach Acid Reflux, GERD and Heartburn

Acid reflux is common for causing sleep disruptions. Raising the upper torso can help reduce or even prevent the discomfort of acid reflux or heartburn that may wake you up in the middle of your slumber. When your upper body is propped up at an angle, it prevents the stomach fluids to creep back up your esophagus which causes the unpleasant burning sensations.

Less Snoring and Improves Breathing

Snoring can preventing you and your partner from getting the deep, restful sleep your body needs. Snoring is usually caused by obstructed breathing. When airways are blocked due to pressure on the trachea, it makes it difficult for air to pass through; thus, causing vibrations. When you raise your head and upper body, it allows the airways to open up for air and saliva to flow more easily, which improves breathing and resulting in less snoring and deeper sleep.

This elevated sleep position can also help those with sleep apnea, allergies, respiratory conditions, asthma, and even just a stuffy nose. At the Zero Gravity sleep position, pressure on the lungs are reduced, making it easier for better breathing habits that encourages more oxygen intake. The increased flow of oxygen in the body can help clear toxins and bacteria from our blood and muscle tissue.

Reduces Swelling

Settling comfortably into the Zero Gravity position can reduce swelling caused by fluid retention in pressurized blood vessels. Swelling commonly happens in legs, ankles and feet. Sleepers with diabetes, high blood pressure or excess weight will experience relief when prompting the lower body up into the Zero Gravity position which allows fluids to distribute more evenly throughout the body for a better night’s rest.

Improves Heart Health

The inclined position of Zero Gravity naturally eases pressure on the heart, allowing blood to pump more easily, resulting in better blood flow and improved heart health.

Promotes Deep Sleep and Improves Insomnia

While the Zero Gravity position does not cure insomnia, it enables the spine to settle in a neutral alignment, with zero pressure on the joints and muscles. When the body is relaxed, it helps us ease into deep slumber.

Helps Digestion

Although it’s not recommended to sleep right after a meal, it is sometimes unavoidable especially when recovering from an injury. Lying flat on your back after a meal will make it difficult for the body to digest food properly. The lifted upper body position of Zero Gravity helps food pass more easily thought the esophagus and into the stomach, keeping stomach acids from travelling back up the esophagus. The aided digestion may also lead to better mood, more energy and weight loss.

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Lifestyle Bonus

The Zero Gravity position is suitable from children to the elderly, and does more than just sleep, lounging in a zero-gravity position can make leisure activities such as reading, working on your laptop, mobile gaming, watching TV, or causal lazing in bed more enjoyable with your head optimally positioned and the option adjust your bed to any position you find most comfortable, even if it is not the Zero Gravity angle.

The Getha Oxford adjustable bed have built-in features to make life more convenient, such as USB charging ports, wireless remotes and a nightlight.

An adjustable bed makes it easy for the elderly, individuals with injury or movement constraints to get in and out of bed with a press of a button.

How you customize your adjustable bed experience is entirely up to you, it is even great for the occasional breakfast in bed!

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

The body goes through tremendous hormonal and physical change during pregnancy, some of the changes such as swelling make comfortable sleep a challenge. The zero gravity position is a great way to alleviate some of these changes. Pregnant mothers can also sleep safely and comfortably on their backs with the help of some upper body elevation.

New mothers who bottle or breastfeed babies can take advantage of the adjustable bed functions to nurse the baby in comfort, especially in the middle of the night.

Best Adjustable Beds For Zero Gravity Sleep

There are many adjustable beds in the market, we recommend the Getha Oxford Adjustable bed or Erica Adjustable bed.

- These adjustable beds have a secure bracket to ensure that your mattress is safely positioned when inclining or reclining.
- The dual-motor enables upper and lower to move independently of each other, so you may customize it exactly to your liking.
- Rest peacefully with the ultra-quiet motor that won’t disturb your partner when you change positions throughout the night.
- The King Size options has individual sections to allow couples to personalize their side of the bed.
- Gracefully designed with a modern simplistic look to compliment any room.
- Conveniently set your adjustable bed to your desired position with the remote control. Enjoy wireless control setting with the Oxford Adjustable Bed.
- Adjust to your favourite position and save it in the Oxford Adjustable Bed remote for easy access to that perfect spot every time.
- Avoid the struggle of reaching to a power socket and charge your devices effortlessly with the built-in USB port in the Oxford Adjustable Bed.
- Wake up and move safely around in the middle of the night with the convenient under-bed lighting of the Oxford Adjustable Bed that lights up a path around the bed.


    Pair your Getha Adjustable Bed with one of our collection of 100% natural latex mattresses, effortlessly flexible to move according to your personalized position to provide you with the ultimate comfort and support whether for sleeping or leisure lounging on the bed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to choose a good adjustable bed?

    The Zero-Gravity sleep position offers plenty of benefits, investing in a good, solid adjustable bed makes all the difference to enjoy all of its benefits.

    When shopping for an adjustable bed, look for a reputable company that provides great service and coverage. You should also try the bed and its adjustable functions whilst paying attention to the sturdiness and support of the bed to avoid possible accidents as a result of a light and flimsy bed. Another factor you may also want to take notice of the noise level during adjustments, this is important to not disturb your partner.

    Each of our adjustable bed frames come with different features, each bed is designed conveniently to suit any individuals’ personal preference.

    Is Zero Gravity sleeping a good choice for me?

    If you frequently suffer from acid reflux, GERD, inflammation, snoring, sleep apnea, indigestion or poor blood circulation, the Zero Gravity position would be great to aid your relief to promote a healthier lifestyle and better sleep for you. The Zero Gravity position can benefit anyone’s sleep quality, even if you don’t have any health conditions.

    I’m a side sleeper, how can I sleep in Zero Gravity position?

    The angles of the Zero Gravity position was designed by NASA for astronauts launching into space. This position was carefully developed to get the best benefits when sleeping on your back, you may not reap the benefits when sleeping on your sides in the Zero Gravity position.

    Why should I sleep with my upper body elevated?

    If you struggle with snoring, indigestion or acid reflux, sleeping with your head and upper body elevated is beneficial for gravity to help ease the discomfort experienced by allowing a better passage for air and stomach acid to circulate effectively in your body.

    Can I put my existing mattress on an adjustable bed?

    Maybe. Depending on the type of mattress you have, an adjustable bed requires a flexible mattress that can closely follow shape set by you on the adjustable bed.

    100% natural latex mattresses are a superb choice for its unique flexibility to perfectly contour to the curves of the bed and your body. It provides you with excellent support and comfort while you sleep restfully. Spring mattresses not only emit harmful electromagnetic-waves, it is not a suitable mattress for adjustable beds and you may not reap all the benefits of the Zero Gravity position with a spring mattress.

    How much does it cost?

    An adjustable bed frame could costs from RM5,000 to RM20,000. A cheap price does not necessarily mean good and a high price doesn’t equal quality either. Look for a reputable company and find out about the features that best compliment your wants and needs.


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    Final Thoughts

    Save your body from the pressure of its own weight and come to total relaxation with the Zero Gravity sleep position. Unburden your spine and enjoy the weightless support and pressure-free sensation with an adjustable bed.

    Benefits of Zero Gravity

    - Helps with Neck and Back Pain
    - Improves Circulation
    - Reduce Stomach Acid Reflux, GERD and Heartburn
    - Less Snoring and Improves Breathing
    - Reduces Swelling
    - Improves Heart Health
    - Promotes Deep Sleep and Improves Insomnia
    - Helps Digestion
    - Productive leisure
    - Ergonomic entertainment position
    - Comfortable bottle or breastfeeding

    You can enjoy a lot of benefits when sleeping or lounging in the Zero Gravity position. Whether you have an existing medical condition to relief or simply looking to upgrade your lifestyle, rest assure that you are getting meaningful benefits sleeping in this position.

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