How sleep affects your physical wellbeing

How sleep affects your physical wellbeing

Getting good sleep is not all about rest and relaxation, it’s also important for getting your physical wellbeing in top shape! Here are a few ways on how sleep affects your physical wellbeing.

Stay Active

Getting proper sleep is important to maintain your active lifestyle. If you often carry out strenuous activities or exercises, you will consume high amounts of energy throughout the day. Therefore, it is even more important that you get enough sleep to help you recharge at night.

Proper rest prepares you for your best performance.  Studies have shown that sleep is crucial for strength training recovery, and also helps with muscle repair after a strenuous workout. This is because your body produces muscle-building hormones during sleep. When your body reaches deep sleep, it has the ability to recover organs, tissues, and bones, as well as regenerate immune cells and stimulate human growth hormone secretion.


Reduce pain

There is also a link between aches and pains and the amount of sleep we get.  If you frequently suffer from back pain or aching joints, you should consider if you’ve been getting enough sleep at night.  If you have been overexerting yourself, getting a good night’s sleep can help to ease the pain that you are feeling. When you are not well-rested, your body can also be less tolerant towards pain, causing you to be more sensitive towards aches. For example, Fibromyalgia is closely linked with sleep and pain, and improving sleep has shown to help in relieving pain.


Weight Control

You might be surprised to know that sleep is also closely related to weight control. When you’re well-rested, you will actually feel less hungry, which helps resist overeating and temptation towards unhealthy food Being sleep-deprived messes with the hormones in your brain that controls appetite. Furthermore, when you’re tired, you’re less likely to want to get up and move your body. These factors combined can contribute to gaining more weight.

Researchers have shown that chronic sleep deprivation impacts our metabolism and the way our bodies process different types of food. These changes can lead to weight gain.   Hormonal shifts seen in sleep deprived people indicate that lack of sleep may increase the risk of obesity and developing diabetes.   Whether you need to lose weight or if you are just working hard to maintain your weight, committing to getting enough sleep may be one of the most important steps you can take.


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