How to choose a baby cot

How to choose a baby cot
Are you and your partner expecting a little bundle of joy soon? Apart from choosing the colour of your newborn’s bedroom, finding a suitable baby cot or crib requires time and diligent research before making a purchase. There are a variety of baby cots out there, but which of these has the safety features, sturdiness and comfortability for your child? Also, having the right baby cot can help parents to lay their newborn on the cot bed and carry their child out with ease and minimal risk of child injury.

From baby cot safety to nursery space set-up, here are a few more aspects to consider when choosing the best baby cot for your little one:

Baby Cot Safety

Every baby cot or crib should meet a strict safety standard. Generally, most cots have vertical bars or panels that are between 5cm and 9.5cm apart from each other to prevent head, legs and arms entrapment hazards[1].
baby cot safety prevent entrapment
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Besides that, the cot should also be deep enough to stop a child from crawling or falling out. Pay close attention to the distance between the mattress and the top edge of the adjustable baby cot side. There are two positions in which you can set, namely the lower base position and the upper base position. Basically, the mattress becomes the “base”. For a lower base position, the distance between the top of the mattress and the top edge of the cot side, or also known as the safety gate, should be at least 50cm from each other. If you want to adjust the cot to an upper base position, the depth between the top of the mattress and the top edge of the safety gate should be at least 30cm apart[2]. This is to ensure that your little one has no foothold in the cot for leverage to climb out.
baby cot safety base position
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Next, make sure you are getting a mattress that fits the cot size as snugly as possible. The gap between the mattress and both sides of the cot should have minimal space (less than 2cm or two fingers width) or none at all. When your baby rolls around adorably in the cot bed, there is less risk for your child to get caught in between the gap. Moreover, choose a mattress that is firm to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)[3].

Remember to inspect any sharp edges or protruding parts in a baby bed set. It should also be made from sturdy, non-toxic materials like solid hardwood constructions and zero-VOC glues, paint or finishes that can protect your child’s overall health and teething.

Baby Cot Design & Functionality

Below are some of the functional features and design found commonly in a baby cot:

Safety Gate

baby cot safety gateWhat it is: The side of the cot that is either designed to be stationary or can be moved up or down.

Adjustable safety gates offer bed height options for parents to access their child without straining over the side of the baby cot. You can set it low enough for you to bend over into the cot to prevent back pain. Getha’s Togetha Baby Cot has a lock gate that can easily be manoeuvred with one hand while you hold your baby.

Make sure the safety gate is at least 5cm off the floor when lowered to prevent crushing your feet.

Locking Wheels

baby cot wheel lockWhat they are: Rollers with stopper function.

These wheels attached to the cot allow parents to move the baby bed set with ease between spaces and have locking brakes.

While the manoeuvrability of the castors brings flexible convenience to furniture arrangements, be sure they are securely locked each time you place your child inside the cot. Alternatively, you can opt for a non-castored baby cot such as our TRIO Baby Cot.

Drawer Storage

baby cot storage drawers
What it is: Pull-out drawers assembled right below the cot.

Function: To store your little one’s clothes, toys or diapers to save space. Suitable for smaller bedrooms.

Precaution: Close the drawers even if you are away for a few minutes to avoid accidents and injuries.

Notable Mention: Convertible Baby Cots

convertible baby cot

These innovative baby bed sets can be converted from a cot into a daybed, sofa or study desk. Such baby cots are usually for parents who want to stretch their money for multi-functionality. Convertible cots are great for infants and young children to grow, play and learn in a safe, conducive environment.

Create a Nursery Space in Your Bedroom

Create a Nursery Space for Your Baby
In welcoming a newborn into a shared space, it is crucial to create a nursery environment that is conducive to parent-child bonding.

1. Sleep Should Always Be the Primary Focus

It can be tempting to furnish the cot with plush toys and cute decorations for a baby-centric theme. Since your newborn is adjusting to their surroundings at a learning pace, it is recommended to keep the cot to a minimum: a firm baby mattress, pillow and blanket. The focus should be on the primary activity, that is sleep and not so much on decorations. Stash those toys, rattles and storybooks away in crates for undivided sleep as well as to avoid suffocation or strangulation in or near the cot.

2. Where to Place the Baby Cot

The best place to put the cot is against a wall where it is not too close to loose blinds and curtain cords that small fingers can reach. Curious as they are, young children would not hesitate to grab anything their tiny hands can grip onto. Also, consider keeping the cot away from anywhere that have potentially dangerous objects which can be pulled and fall into their bed. Additionally, it is good to have a nursing chair next to the cot so that you can quickly move your baby into their bed after milk feeding.

3. VOC-Free Finishing

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a large group of chemicals found in home products and common items, which include paint and varnishes, carpets, air fresheners, cleaning products, cosmetics and more. These chemicals release toxic gas into the indoor air we breathe, which may or may not be detected by smell. Having a baby cot that is free from VOCs will keep your child protected from harmful substances.

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