Which Pillow Is Right For You?

Which Pillow Is Right For You?

We all know that a pillow can make or break a night's sleep. Here at Getha, we aim to tailor our pillow range to the common types of sleeping positions. Come pick the perfect pillow for you here! 


Multi-Position Sleepers

You switch sleeping positions all night without preference for any position. A versatile but supportive pillow is required.

 Getha 3D Auto Pillow

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Back Sleepers

You sleep on your back most of the night. Prone to neck aches and need adequate neck support.


Getha Organic Cotton Pillow for back sleeper

Getha Organic Cotton Pillow with Neck Support, Anti Dust Mite


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Side Sleepers

You sleep on your side, either with or without hugging another pillow or bolster. Prone to shoulder strains.

Getha Genetics Latex Pillow for Side Sleepers

Getha Genetics Latex Pillow with Anti Static Protection, Nano Silver Technology


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