How To Relax Before Sleep

How To Relax Before Sleep

Relax before bedtime is super essential for us to improve our sleep. All the stress are needed to be relieved in order for us to sleep soundly and peacefully. So, here are some effective solutions to a better sleep. They are all parts of the bedtime routine hence, consistent and relaxing bedtime routine is the key here. 

After a good sleep, we can feel and function better and improve our overall health! Therefore, what calming activities are best to help us relax before bedtime? You have to do something that you find relaxing and here are some ways!

12 Relaxing Activities For Sleep

  • Reading
  • Meditation
  • Listening to music
  • Taking a bath or shower
  • Cool and quiet sleep environment
  • Aromatherapy
  • Warm drinks
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine
  • Dim light
  • Turn off electronic devices
  • Fully relax the muscles
  • Keep your feet warm

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Then, there's another effective solution too, massaging!

Massaging can take all your stress and anxiety away, preventing poor sleep or even sleepless night. Stress and anxiety quicken breathing and increase the heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormones in the body. They also affect and lower one’s digestion. Thus, massage and relaxation are a very good approach to solve all the above health issues. For instance, massage can slower heart rate and breathing pattern, lower your blood pressure and give you an overall feeling of calm to get in deep sleep. It is just really beneficial to health.

There are endless benefits of massage like destressing and relaxing every day before bed. Next, it protects your heart health, lowers the risk of heart attack, prevents depression, etc. Then, deep sleep is no longer difficult now! Massage can promote better sleep, taking care of all your mind and body.

Getha Star Series Massage Chair, giving you massage to get in deep sleep! Getha Star Series Massage Chair consists of Star Luxury and Star Classic Massage Chair. The massage chair uses smart technology as well as German technology, able in providing many outstanding features and benefits! It is innovative, very convenient and safe. Getha Star Luxury Massage Chair, the exclusive massage therapist for the whole family. It gives you and your loved ones the most luxurious massage experience.

Smart memory function, Getha Star Luxury Massage Chair has DIY massage routine. The whole family's massage preferences can be stored and refunctioned with just one click, avoiding repeated adjustments when using it. It saves more time and it is more convenient!

Intelligent voice control, you can get and enjoy a massage with just giving voice commands, simple and fast. Next, Exclusive calf kneading and rubbing massage, Getha Massage Chair’s new calf massage technology is incorporated with airbags and rollers. It allows the calves to enjoy 3D wave kneading and rubbing, fully relaxing the muscle tension and soreness.

3D smart massage, Getha Massage Chair’s 3D dynamic massage can automatically follow the natural curve of the human body. It is more comfortable, able to give you more precise, multi-dimensional as well as deep tissue massage. Furthermore, with great and freely adjustable strength control, it completely relieves the tension and brings you the comprehensive full body massage experience.

3D robot massage, the massage chair can carry out up to 13 cm wide open back massage. It can treat and cover all parts of your body, even your wide back. Getha Massage Chair has wider range of massage, no limits on body size and can massage on the deepest layers of your muscles. Besides that, it possesses 5 various intensities and strengths.

135cm SL type long rail, the massage chair is suitable and effective for all. It can give comprehensive full body massage to everyone regardless of any heights or weights. Full-body airbags, Getha Massage Chair’s full-body airbags cover the entire body including the shoulders, arms, backside, calves and feet. It provides great compression effect, improving blood circulation while also relieving the muscle fatigue and pain.    

New hips airbag massage, it also covers and provides massage for hips, able to relax and ease both sides of the backside. Moreover, it improves the pelvis health. Lastly, Gua sha Thai foot massage. Getha Massage Chair also has airbag and roller massages for your feet, compression airbag massages for top of the foot and roller massages for sole, the bottom of the foot. It has 3 rows of foot roller, using gua sha therapy for scrap massage. The 3 rows of foot roller function at the same time to completely massage the entire sole, heel, midfoot (the end and middle of the foot) and the toes. It massages the acupuncture points and improves blood circulation better, making the entire massage most effective and relaxed.

Then, Getha has Massage Chair Promotion now. There will be a purchase with purchase, in Getha single receipt with RM 20,000 and above is eligible to get 1 Star Luxury Massage Chair with only RM 3888.

Let us all live a stress-free and more quality life, start achieving your healthy and relaxed lifestyle now. Massage helps get in deep sleep. High quality sleep will improve our mood and cognition throughout the day. We can be more functional and enhance all our physical and mental health. So, it is definitely well and worthy to invest in the relaxing routine like the massage chair!




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