Ideas For Spending Earth Hour At Home During COVID-19

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What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement started by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Australia in 2007. The event first took place on 31st March 2007 in Sydney and has since became a global movement to raise awareness for our planet.

earth hour

This year, Earth Hour is on 27th March 2021, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. The event takes for one hour every year, usually held on the last Saturday of March. For 60 minutes, the Earth Hour movement encourages people from around the world to switch off non-essential lights to call attention to nature loss and climate change.
If you are celebrating Earth Hour 2021 at home in light of the current global pandemic, here are 10 great Earth Hour activities at home you can enjoy yourself or with loved ones!

10 Things You Can Do During Earth Hour

1. Turn Your Lights Off

Turning off the lights in your home is the key activity of Earth Hour, this is the easiest and most straightforward way to participate. Why not share your Earth Hour experience and raise awareness with the hashtag #EarthHour.

2. Stargazing


Hang out in your garden, balcony or by the window and enjoy the beautiful night sky. You may see more stars than usual as the rest of your area joins in on Earth Hour! Support your neck while you gaze at the starry night with a neck pillow and get cosy snugged in a comfy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.
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3. Reflect or Meditate

Reflect & Meditate during earth hour

60 minutes is an excellent opportunity to take a comfortable seated position and reflect on your year, practice mindful meditation or simply do nothing! Find your inner peace with a seat cushion to support your glutes as well as the upper and lower spine.
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4. Get Active

exercise during earth hour

Put on a home workout video or roll out your yoga mat for a sweat session in darkness. Plan ahead on your workout to ensure you make the most of Earth Hour, you can even host a virtual exercise session with friends and get more people involved!

5. Quality Time

family time during earth hour

Whether you live with family or friends, make Earth Hour a time for quality catch up or even some fun activities! Plan a total digital detox and gather everyone for a sharing session, or bring out some board games to play. Families with kids can build a pillow fort in the living room or snuggle up for a story-telling session with their favourite soft toys.
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6. Candle Light Dinner

Show off some culinary skills and treat your household to a delicious home cooked meal and set the mood with some candles. Opt for flameless LED candles that are reusable and environmentally friendly, not to mention they are extra safe for families with children.
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7. Movie Night

Movie night during earth hour

A great Earth Hour idea is setting up your own home theatre and enjoy a movie in the dark in the comfort of your own room. Choose from a wide selection of nature documentaries on Netflix or Youtube, sit back and relax. If you have an adjustable bed, this would be the perfect opportunity to lounge in your favourite position!
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8. Earth Hour Spotlight

Join Earth Hour virtually! The organiser will be sharing a not-to-be-missed video on their social media pages @EarthHour. You can also join virtual events happening worldwide curated by the host here.

9. Pamper Yourself

Spa at home during earth hour

Make your own fresh mask with herbs, vegetables or fruits from the kitchen and treat your skin to a spa session as an Earth Hour activity. While you are waiting for your skin to soak in the goodness, unwind with the use of essential oils. You can use a diffuser, essential oil burner or simply dab some on your pillow as you wait lying down.
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10. Green Hero

If you are new to the green initiative, go on-line, research and join communities to learn about what you can to do incorporate more environmentally friendly practices into your daily life and cultivate new green habits.

Whether it is your first time joining Earth Hour in 2021 or you’re a seasoned environmental warrior, the Earth Hour initiative is a fantastic effort to raise awareness for climate change and nature loss. We don’t have to wait for one hour every year to make a difference, we can all do our part in saving the environment through daily mindful use of resources.