Tips for Choosing a Bed Frame

Guide of Choosing a Bed Frame

What Is a Bed Frame?

Bed frames are generally the railing for your bed, which may or may not come with a headboard and footboard. A good bed frame should support the weight of your mattress and your body weight without any movement and sound. Beyond functionality, bed frames can play a decorative role in the bedroom, featuring various styles, colours and sizes. Thus, knowing how to choose a bed frame is just as important as getting the right mattress.

Benefits of a Bed Frame

1. Offers Elevated Support

Let’s be real: Sleeping on the mattress without a bed frame is uncannily similar to sleeping on the floor. You may be wondering, “What’s the big deal?” People who usually sleep on one of their sides may not adapt to this way of sleeping. The increased pressure on the mattress on the floor may cause discomfort in the hips and shoulders[1], making a good night’s rest only a dream. Even though sleeping on the mattress on the floor works best for people who sleep on their back and stomach, it is almost impossible to remain in the same sleeping position throughout the night.

2. Prevents Mould and Insects

Tropical countries like Malaysia are known for their lush greenery, monsoon seasons — and bugs. Bed frames raise both you and your mattress off the floor to stay away from unwanted pests and insects. When left on the floor, the mattress can potentially become a breeding ground for insect infestations and may also lead to moisture build-up. By having a bed frame, issues like mould growth and dust falling on your clean mattress can be prevented as there is air circulation underneath the bed frame to reduce dampness.

3. Provides Additional Storage Space

bed frame with drawer storage

Believe it or not, storage is one of the major benefits a bed frame can offer. There are several ways you can increase your storage capacity with it. Bed frames with pull-out drawers, for instance, allow you to stash away extra blankets, bedsheets and personal items. There are also bed frames that are designed with storage space for you to lift (yes, lift!) and put your things within the bed frame for a clutter-free bedroom.

For bigger items, you can simply place your airtight containers of books, clothes and others right under your bed frame. Whether you opt for a bed frame with pull-out drawers or a no-frill one, knowing how to choose a bed frame that suits your sleeping and additional needs are definitely worth considering.

How to Choose a Mattress

how to choose the right mattress

Remember what we have said earlier about the equal importance of choosing the right bed frame as well as finding a good mattress? Here are some bite-sized tips:

1. Consider the size of your mattress

Use your mattress as your sizing guide when shopping for a bed frame. The size of the bed frame should fit your mattress nicely for a proper fit. Having open gaps by the sides can be dangerous if you untimely fall on the frame itself.

2. Measure the size of your room

This tip especially applies to space-strapped bedrooms. Place your mattress on the floor as a base measurement when deciding the size of the bed frame later. Measure your available space to compare with the overall bed dimension (including the bed frame). Factor in the extra measurements the bed frame and headboard can add to the bed beyond the mattress dimensions.

3. Be mindful of the height and bulkiness of the mattress

It goes without saying that large mattresses need bulky bed frames. This will undeniably take up more space, which you may have to rearrange the surrounding bedroom furniture. Alternatively, you can go for bed frames that have built-in drawers to save more space.

4. Support quality

Mattresses with varying firmness depend on the individual’s comfort levels. Don’t be shy to lie on all the mattresses in the showroom to know what’s best for you. What may provide adequate support for your ageing parents may not be the same for your body.

Making Your Bedroom Style

Now that you have a better idea of how to choose a suitable bed frame and mattress, your next focus should be on your bedroom style. Most people will opt for the modern minimalist layout. Looking for minimalist bed frames? Browse for natural wood or monochrome bed frames with short legs to create a simple yet sleek bedroom. If you prefer the traditional rustic bedroom design, consider an aged-finish wood bed frame or faux leather.

Apart from aesthetics, think also about the functionality of a bedroom. Do you have an extra room that you want to convert into a guest room? Instead of buying more storage furniture, select a bed frame with built-in storage spaces where you can keep away extra blankets and sheets for your guest’s convenience.

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