Why You Should Choose Us?

Why You Should Choose Us?

Whether you're shopping online or in-store, enjoy free ad professional delivery service with Getha. Shop knowing that we take extra precaution in our delivery services to ensure your safety.

The Unique Delivery Experience Of Getha Mattress!

1. Sanitisation Upon Delivery

Getha Sanitisation mattress upon delivery

Upon arriving at your delivery location, our team will sanitise all products before moving it into your house and bedroom.


2. Double Layer Wrapper

Getha Latex Mattress with double layer wrapper

All products are brand-new and securely sealed. We ensure that products sent to your are in a good condition so you can enjoy them with a peace of mind.


3. Getha Padlock

Getha mattresses are secured with padlock

A unique component like no other, only premium Getha mattresses are secured with The Green Padlock for an exclusive unboxing experience. Every mattress is fresh from the factory to you to safeguard its genuine and brand-new condition.


4. Unique Passcode

Getha Mattress with padlock and unique passcode

A unique passcode for the Getha Padlock with be provided along with warranty card. This is to ensure only you know the passcode to open the padlock!


5. Secure Zipper

Getha Mattress with secure zipper

After you unlock the padlock, it is time to unzip the final cover of the mattress, knowing it is fresh from the factory!