A sharing session between Fiza Saad, mothercare parents panel and Casey, social media influencer, as to why they chose the Togetha Baby Cot for their newborn baby, and the important benefits of 100% Natural Latex Mattress.

Genie by Getha had recently organised a livestream sharing session on Instagram for their beloved genie buddies. A joint effort with Mothercare, we have invited Ms Fiza Saad, who is on Mothercare Parents Panel to co-host this livestream with Ms Casey, our very own genie by Getha Ambassador.

Both mommies have recently given birth and they have chosen Togetha Baby Cot as the first bed for their precious. If you have missed the livestream last week, read on for a recap as both mommies share their thoughts.

What do you like about the Togetha Baby Cot?

Mommy Fiza:

I like how the cot has smooth and rounded edges. It is not only safe for babies, but it is also safe for mothers! For example, when I try to put my baby in the cot, I don’t have to worry about hurting myself with the sharp edges. No need for silicon or rubber corner protectors!

I am not a very tall person, and if I have to place my baby in the baby cot, I will need a foot stool to step on, otherwise, I might fall into the cot myself! But with the adjustable side bar on the Togetha Baby Cot, I wouldn’t need to worry about that.

I also love how it has drawers at the bottom to keep the basic necessities (while opening the drawers), I keep some of the extra diapers, bolster, and towels here.

Mommy Casey:

I like that it is made from rubberwood, which gives me the assurance that this is a very solid structure for my baby. The rounded edges, also assures me that once my baby can crawl, he will not hurt himself.

Why is 100% Natural Latex Mattress so unique?

Mommy Casey:

My husband and I have been using Getha beds and pillows for 10 years now, and I believe in giving the best to my baby too! The mattress that comes with the Togetha Baby Cot is a 100% Natural Latex Mattress. It provides a firm support for your baby, and knowing that it is something truly natural from Mother Nature, you do not have to worry about your baby’s delicate skin having any possible allergy.

During the day, I do not turn on the air conditioning, yet my baby is able to take a good 2- 3 hours nap in his baby cot. This is due to the breathable design of the latex core, it allows proper ventilation when the baby sleeps on the mattress.

(Both mommies: This looks like a block of cheese! *Referring to the latex core)

Another benefit of using 100% natural latex mattress is that it can naturally repel dust mites, and it is fungal resistant. This is perfect for our Malaysian weather that is always so humid.

Mommy Fiza:

Now I know why my daughter can sleep so long on this mattress, because it is so comfortable! I need to wake her up sometimes for milk!

Is latex a chemical, is it safe for babies?

Mommy Fiza:

Genie by Getha baby Mattress is made of 100% Natural Latex, and when a product is made from something so natural, the best from Mother Nature, you feel safe and assured to give it to your baby. Knowing that your baby is sleeping on something so natural, as a mom, you can rest too! And don’t worry, it doesn’t have a strong rubber smell!

Some people say that when a baby sleeps, a mother needs to do housework first, but that’s not true. A mother needs their rest too, and the best time is when your baby is sleeping peacefully.

Cot bumpers

Mommy Fiza:

This is called a cot bumper? Sekarang baru I tahu! I have it because it looks so pretty, with the cot.

Mommy Casey:

*Laughs* Yes, it is called a cot bumper, and helps to protect your child from knocking against the side of the baby cots, when they can roll and roll!

What are some of your favorite products from genie by Getha?

Mommy Fiza

I bought the Baby Dino Towel, and I nicknamed it Genie, and my 4yr old loves it! Insist to use it for every shower, and even wants to hug it to sleep.

The genie Head to Toe wash is also very nice! Smells nice and keeps your baby refreshed after bath times.

The Final Thoughts

Mommy Casey:

Choosing a 100% Natural Latex Mattress is the best choice I have ever made. 

Visit us at our genie by Getha Official Store in Mid Valley or drop by mothercare at Tropicana Gardens Mall to get your very own Togetha Baby Cot!